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What we offer

SLBL is a-Business Consulting Company that helps Organisations of all sizes to succeed in their business goals

Business Consulting

We are your dedicated partner to help your company growth. We transform your vision to a successful business.

We have the answers to all your legal related questions. We can protect your organisation and prepare all the necessary paperwork

Legal Advisory

We create and manage your image as well as we take care of your online presence


A few words about us...

Slbl is a business consulting company consisting of young people with fresh ideas and different skills. We believe in human relationships and teamwork and we are the ideal team to support your company growth.

Stefanos Loukis is the chairman of the company. Stefanos holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from University of Piraeus a a Master of Science in E-Government and Master of Science in Digital Innovation and entrepreneurship from University of Aegean. During the last decade, he created and helped a lot of companies and now he has built a competent team of partners-friends to help companies achieve their goals.

What we do

With a Bachelor in business administration and an MSc in digital innovation and a 2nd MSc in E-goverment, Stefanos is the right consultant for your project. No matter what size your company is, we can ensure, improve and maintain business growth.

Google Adwords Campaign Management

Marios is an award-winner in the annual google online marketing challenge and he will guarantee the strong online presence of your business when people are seeking for your products or services.

Visitors of your website deserve the best possible experience. Stefanos will identify any inconsistencies/ mistakes and our graphic designer Stratos will fix them according to tested solutions proved to be highly effective

Company Formation

Depending on your project, opening a company to a foreign country may be necessary. Stefanos has all the experience and knowledge required to present you the best possible options for your needs and Stellianna will do the rest.

Learn how to properly protect your customer's personal data according to the new European Law. Protect your business from the consequences of not complying with EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

Your logo is your property. You have to protect. Just ask it from our officer Marieta and our experienced lawyer Stellianna and will take on it and protect your brand whatever market you may operate.

Our company in numbers

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Our Customers

We value our customers. We are happy to see each company's trust in our expertise and we guarantee their successful future in business.

You have many reasons

to choose us

Passionate team

We use to have happy clients, we are passionate about our work and we deliver high quality results. Growth is our synonym

You can find all the people and specializations your company needs in one place

One stop service

Data Driven

Decision Making

This is the path to your business success. We analyze the market you operate and we offer the right solution to your problem

Time is money and we don’t want to waste it. Your project will be delivered the agreed way and time

On time Delivery

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Γραφείο Χολαργού: Μέτωνος 58, Χολαργός, 15561

Tηλ: 215 215 9219

Γραφείο Πειραιά: Κολοκοτρώνη 126, Πειραιάς, 18535

Tηλ: 215 215 9717

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